Deletist, Bulk Delete Folders And Files

Deletist is a lightweight portable software for Windows that can be used to delete folders and files in bulk. The program supports two operation modes. The user can add folders and files by pasting their paths into the program interface, or by loading a text file that contains the full path of the directories or files that need to be deleted.

Each file or folder needs to be listed in its own line in the text file, for the program to recognize them correctly.

The data is then added to the main interface, with additional information including the names of the files and folders, their full system path and their status. The status informs the user if the file or folder could be located on the system.

A click on Delete Files will process all files, and delete them to the recycle bin. It is possible to uncheck the recycle bin option, so that the files and folders are deleted directly without being moved to the recycle bin first.

Deletist indicates the status of each deletion by changing the status message and the icon in front of each row.

The program offers some interesting deletion options. It is for instance easy to use it for system maintenance. Instead of deleting files and folders individually in Windows Explorer, users could use Deletist to collect all the paths to delete them all together in one big swoop in the end.

Deletist is available for download at SKwire Empire. It may be flagged as malicious by some antivirus programs.