How much does it cost to build a website

shoestringThis is an impossible question to answer. It is like asking, how long is a string. The truth is that a website can cost nothing and several millions to build. In this article I am going to tell you more about building a website on a shoe string. This article will not tell you how to minimize your cost. You can use a free host and free URL to create website that cost you absolutely nothing. This article will tell you what the minimum you should spend on a website is. That you can build a website for free does not mean that you should do it. There are some expenses that are worth paying since they are small and give you a lot higher chance of success.

Below we take a look at which things you should always pay for and how much you have to pay:

Domain name

You should always pay for a domain name. You should never use a URL that is provided for you for free such as This limits the websites potential and will reduce the price dramatically if you ever want to sell it. If you have your own domain then you can move the site to new hosting as needed without it affecting your website. If you a free URL then you are locked to keep your website on that hosting. You can not move it because if you do you will lose all the links you have acquired and you are going to start from scratch. It will be like starting a new website.

A domain only cost $10 a year and is more than worth it. Always get a .com domain. In some cases it can be okay to use a .org or .net if you can get a very good domain. Never use any other domain unless you are targeting a geographical area in which case the local domain is also acceptable.


Never use free hosting. The argument here is similar to that for domains. Free hosting will not give you the same freedom as paid hosting and it can be hard to move your site to another type of hosting once you have outgrown the free host. If you believe in your website then you should give it the best possible chance of success. You do this by making sure it is hosted on a good fast server. Good hosting does not have to be expensive. Spending $5 a month is enough to give your website a good chance.

My advice to never use a free web host includes It is true that is the best free host out there and it is true that it can be a decent choice but your own hosting is always better since it gives you complete freedom to design your website. If there is no way that you can afford $5 a month to get your own hosting the WordPress is the best option remaining for you.


There is not reason to pay for software when you first get started. There are plenty of free software available for you to use. The most popular among them are WordPress. WordPress is an excellent choice when you are building a website because it is very popular, it is easy to find help if you need it and a lot of webmaster will pay a premium for a WordPress site if you want to sell it.

Premium Themes

I do not think you need to pay for a premium theme when you first get started. There are thousands of free themes and designs out there to use. If you do not like them you can build your own.

Other services

I do not think there are any other services you need to pay for when building a basic website.

Total cost

I think you should invest at least $6 a month in your website. $5 for hosting and $10 a year (1/month) to buy a domain name. This small costs to increase your chances of success.