Ten Fingers Typing

Whether you’re a student, secretary, office administrator, manager, computer programmer, or engineer; whether you use a PC, laptop, or typewriter – typing is an invaluable skill. It’s a skill that can open doors and enhance your career opportunities. In this high-tech world of computer-generated communications, anyone who can’t type runs the risk of being exclude from many business transactions.

Yeah, that’s some wise words that I found in a website. Typing is an invaluable skill. But the case is how you typing on your keyboard?  I remembered long time ago when the first time I know the thing named keyboard (computing), I prefer to use only two of my index finger to typing on my keyboard.  It’s before I know the ten fingers typing technique. Then I found I book from my school that explain how to type efficient using ten fingers. From that book I learn how to set the position of our finger on the keyboard. Until now I accustom my self to type with my ten fingers.

Let’s forget about my experience above, and now I will give some explanation about the ten fingers typing technique on Qwerty keyboard, but first take a look at the image below

Note that’s the main position of your fingers when typing on Qwerty keyboard.  Now try to enlarge the image by a click. There you will see the detail position. Exactly you’ll see 6 different colors (light green, blue, dark green, yellow, red, and brown) this color describe the range position for each finger. Take example the pinkie, the range position of the pinkie is shown by the light green, as well as the ring (blue), middle (dark green), left index (yellow) and the right index (red) finger. For the brown you can use your thumb (or your nearest fingers) to press it.

You must adapt your self to this key position, or you will not able to type with all of your ten fingers  practice periodically to make your fingers accustom to this rule. I’m sure this will be difficult to be applied for the first time  but my suggestion is keep trying.

While practice to use ten fingers technique, you can also download the portable software called RapidTyping. This program will help you to practice this method (you will be guide with a visualization). The last one is to test your typing skill by racing with the other. I prefer visit typeracer.com.

My suggestion above will not work if you don’t have a mindset to type with ten fingers (so depend on your self again), I just share my knowledge and I hope it will help you.