Why WordPress is the best option for your first website

wpDo you want to build your first ever website. If so then I recommend that you use WordPress to build it. I am not talking about the fee website that you can get on WordPress.com but rather the self hosted software that you can download on WordPress.org. Both websites you a very similar software but the selfhosted version is a lot better because it gives you freedom to modify your website as you see fit. WordPress.com limits what you are allowed to do to maintain the security of all other users who also use the service. They can not allow you the same freedom as self hosted WordPress can due to the damage you could do.

With this said. Lets look at why WordPress is very good option.

Easy to install

WordPress is very easy to install. Most host give you access to Softacolus that allow you to install WordPress with one click of a button. There are also a lot of hosts that will do it for you.

Easy to use

WordPress is very easy to use. It runs well on most systems and it is very easy to post new articles and pages.

Easy to customize

It is very easy to install new functions to WordPress by adding new plugins. There is a large library of plugins available in WordPress that you can download by clicking on it. There are thousand of different plugins available for the system. Free and paid.

Easy to skin

It is very easy to change to look of your website by changing to another theme. There are hundreds of themes available from within WordPress and thousands more that you can download from other sources. Free and paid.

Easy to find help

If you encounter a problem then you can easily find help online. There are million people using WordPress that help answer your questions. The software has a very big and friendly community.

Easy to find freelancer for custom work

It is very easy to find freelancers that know how to work in WordPress. This makes it easy to find someone that can help you manage your site or create custom plugins. The large number of people who work with WordPress makes it cheap to develop new features due to high competition among the free lancers for the jobs posted.

Gives a high price when sold

WordPress is popular and a lot of people know how to use it. This helps you make sure that you will get a lot of interested buyers and a high price if you decide that you want to sell your website. A WordPress website is usually a lot more popular when sold then other types of websites are.