What is cloud hosting

cloud hostingCould hosting is a new type of hosting that offers a lot of benefits over regular hosting. If you use cloud hosting then your website is not hosted on a single server but rather one a network of servers that work together in unison. The network of servers can host a theoretically unlimited number of websites.

In this article we are going to look a little more on the benefits of cloud hosting and why you should consider using cloud hosting.

Failure resilient

If you use regular hosting then your site will be down until the host can fix it if the server suffers from a hardware problem. This is not the case with an account that is hosted on cloud hosting. Your site is not hosted on one server but rather a network of servers that have redundancy. If one server fails then the others step in and assume that load until the broken server can be fixed. One or two servers (nodes) that fails have a very small effect on the cloud as a whole and the service they offer.

Easy scaling

Cloud hosting allow for easy and immediate scaling. You can assign more or less resources to your site as needed. It only takes a few seconds that allocate more storage space, CPU power or RAM to your site if the traffic spikes. Once the traffic slows down you can scale the service down again. This allow you to always be ready for whatever might come. You do not need to buy an expensive server to be able to handle the spikes even though you usually use a lot less resources.

The fact that you easily can scale your hosting also means that you never have to move your site to new hosting again. You can simple allocated more resources as the website grows. This means that you never have to take your site offline while moving it and that you never have to worry if the site is going to work correctly on the new server. You know that it will because you never change the environment. You simply allocate more resources to the existing one.


It is usually cheaper to use cloud hosting then other types of hosting. This is especially true if you have a website with uneven traffic patterns. A website that gets spike of traffic. If you buy regular hosting then you need to pay a monthly fee for a hosting packages that has the resources needed to handle the spikes. This can be expensive. If you use cloud hosting then you can get an account with less resources assigned to it. Enough to handle normal traffic. You can then scale it up when you get a spike of traffic. This way you only pay for the extra resources when you need them. Not all the time.